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We love running. It's that simple.

We're not your average
athletic shoe chain store.

We test every shoe we carry to better understand the nuances of the shoe. The brands available at RunFlorida on McGregor help runners of all abilities run more comfortably. When your feet feel good, you run more efficiently. That’s when the passion for running takes over.

No matter your pace, your goals or your intensity, RunFlorida on McGregor has the perfect athletic shoe for you. We are runners, helping runners run. Stop in and talk to the Running Experts at RunFlorida on McGregor.

There's more to fit than this!

It’s important to find the right shoe, with the right fit for how you run. That’s why we’ll take the time to examine the wear pattern on your current shoes. We'll also ask about your running style and watch you take a lap in our parking lot.

We take the time to ensure you get the right shoe for your feet and running style to help you minimize injury and maximize your passion for running.

Meet Coach Mike!

Mike discovered his love for running while playing baseball in high school in Joliet, Illinois. What started as a hobby and way to stay in shape grew into a passion and a business.. His philosophy for improving running – matching the right shoe with the right runner and style – soon became his philosophy for business. Now a certified run coach, Mike runs about 40 miles a week – most of it with his faithful running partner Bailey. You’ve probably seen Mike and Bailey, an 8-year-old black lab, running through Fort Myers.